— Guide TO THE PARK —


8:30 - 17:30


Adult ticket ¥220

Note: Each adult is limited to one child under 1.2 meters or 6 years of age

The sales price of the on-site ticket window is based on the price

Service Facilities


20 yuan for a small box and 40 yuan for a large box. Special reminder: Please put all the items in the box at one time, and no items can be taken in the middle of the time! Only10 yuan and 20 yuan can be recognized, and parking lot


As for the problem of strollers, parents with chil dren may be more concerned. There are strollers available for rent in the park, After the ticket gate, the house next to the square is where the strollers can be rented. The fee is 50 yuan/day. and the deposit is 500 yuan or an ID card. You

parking lot

There are many parking lots in the park,and the parking fee is 30 vuanvtime, but it is free for 15 minutes. if you choose to travel by car you need to buy a separate ticket for 220 yuan, which includes 30 yuan for parking


The park opens at s30 am. closes at 5 pm,anc stops selling tickets at4 pm


The park has two major food halls, rainforest restaurant and bamboo forest restaurant, which can accommodate up to 1000 people at the same time, and a leisure service area composed of food court, Hong Kong milk tea, Western fast food, convenience stores and other brands of cuisine, to meet the dietary needs of tourists of different ages. In addition, the park has a number of souvenir shops selling a variety of styles, exquisite unique crafts.